The Kantipur Conclave is a singular event seeking to cater to both a local and global audience, and to create synergy between the leaders who have achieved milestones in numerous sectors at the local and global level. Through their presentations and stories, the Kantipur Conclave aims to showcase Nepalis’ potential for transforming the lives of communities in their local community as well as for creating a benchmark of professional achievements of a global standard.

KMG commands an audience of many millions (it has more than 3 million followers alone on Facebook). The conclave will feature executives and leaders from the public and private sectors, and their presentations will be disseminated, via KMG’s vast network, to millions of people around the world. The Kantipur Conclave is the ideal platform to partner with and for initiating collaborations between like-minded individuals and companies.

Benefits of Partnership

Insightful Speeches: Position yourself as a thought leader in your space and educate your market.

  • Exhibition Options | Showcase and promote your products, to more than 250 participants, through a booth space at the venue.
  • Customer Reach | Interact intimately with your market audience to understand their needs.
  • Build Relationships | Explore new partners; build or cement relationships through informal channels.
  • Advertisement Opportunities | Promote your organisation and products via print and digital promotional material.

Why Partner ?

Opportunity to
showcase your expertise

Increase Global
Network & Outreach

Build New

Drive your
Brand Exposure

Expand Brand